NGK Insulators fights back

The show must go on

Today, NGK Insulators Ltd. posted on their website a press release that details their strategy to fight back against the NAS (sodium-sulfur) battery fire incident that occurred on September 21, 2011.

First, the good news. They aim to resume the production of NAS batteries in mid-2012. At the same time, they will introduce new safety measures to currently installed batteries and restart their operations. NGK plans to further upgrade NAS batteries so as to provide an additional margin of safety.

Historical losses

The bad news. NGK has estimated the total cost of expenses expected to arise from the fire incident. ¥60 billion! It will be booked as an extraordinary loss.

Next step

Now, NGK should as soon as possible communicate the causes of the incident.

We wish NGK a speedy and full recovery.

Gauthier Dupont
Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH

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