No more articles for a while

For those who follow my blog, you’ve certainly noticed that I didn’t publish anything over the last few months. And it will unfortunately continue like this.

I made an important professional commitment that do not allow me, for practical reasons, to continue to write article on this blog. My new professional challenge is so exiting, but also time and energy consuming. Not to mention my lovely family.

But I do not lose hope to come back, here or elsewhere. Here are two subjects I wanted to develop but I couldn’t finish:

  • The european spot market fears renewable energies
  • NAS batteries to achieve eco-island

Thank you all for your interest in my small articles. I wish you all the best,

Gauthier Dupont.

About Dupont
Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH Owner & Director

One Response to No more articles for a while

  1. Gaunther, I am reading yr article writen back in 2013. It still make some interesting reading. I am deeply interested in renewable energy particularly solar and biomass source of energy. Nigeria currently is serious in tackling theenergy problem facing her. Many state Govt. are looking for serious investors to generate and sell power to the people and the industries. Can you pls llnk us with a good investor willing to invest in Nigeria ? We on our side will provide every assurance for the safety of such investors all round.

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