NAS Battery Storage Systems List (update Sept. 2012)

Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH is happy to share with you the comprehensive list of facilities and projects of NAS battery storage systems in the world (see table below). We hope you will find the info interesting.

If you use it in any of your document, report, web site, etc., please reference the current page and mention the name of our company “Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH”. Thank you for your understanding and for respecting our work.

Do not hesitate to put in comment at the bottom of the current page any additional information you may have (on listed projects or projects not in the list). Upon verification, we will accordingly update the list.

We take the opportunity to make a call. We would like to compile an inventory of other types of large-scale batteries installed around the world (1 MW and above). It would be nice if you could send us information or post it in comment below. When enough data will be collected, the list will be shared on the same blog and on LinkedIn.

Gauthier Dupont
Dupont Energy Consulting GmbH